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Modern people no longer pay attention to the product itself, but care more about whether the food packaging gift box customization of the product is novel and creative, whether it can express its meaning, whether it can reflect personality and grade, etc
Excellent packaging design must adapt to the storage, transportation, exhibition and sales of goods, as well as the carrying and opening of consumers. Therefore, when designing the commodity gift box, we must make the proportion of the box structure reasonable, the structure rigorous and the shape exquisite, focus on the beauty of the shape and material, the beauty of contrast and coordination, the beauty of rhythm and rhythm, and strive to achieve the box structure of the gift box with complete functions and exquisite appearance, so as to adapt to production, sales and even use.
In the present gift box design, designers will use a variety of different colors and patterns to match, so as to create different styles and styles. With the continuous development of design concept, the design of gift packaging box has gradually formed different styles.
Gift box minimalist style. Minimalist style can make the whole space look open and unblocked, which not only enlarges the sense of space, but also makes the packaging design more visual. Of course, I remind you here that minimalist style does not mean simple decoration with nothing, but to taste the elegant quality of life in a simple life and feel extremely simple decoration.
Classic style of gift box. Classic style is a combination of beauty. It designs gift box packaging with the help of various styles and styles. This style can not only meet the different appreciation needs of more customers, but also attract young people pursuing fashion trends, so it is also highly respected at present.
Gift box naturalism. With the improvement of environmental awareness, people pay more and more attention to the importance of natural environment for health. Stimulated by this thinking, many gift box packaging designers choose to integrate the concept of green and environmental protection into the gift box packaging design, so that the whole gift box packaging is full of natural gas, which not only pleases the customer's mood, but also a good space decoration.
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