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As a meal box and catering container, food packaging box has many characteristics and advantages, including safety and health, high and low temperature resistance, green environmental protection, regeneration, good catering container, beautiful, convenient and fast, etc. At present, aluminum foil containers and household food packaging aluminum foil have been widely used abroad. However, due to consumption habits, consumption concepts, cognition and other reasons, there are great differences in consumption fields and consumption levels in different regions, and the development potential is still great. There is an urgent need to make the same voice within the scope of development, disseminate successful cases and promote their application.
Characteristics of aluminum foil container for food packaging box:
A、安全性A. Security
Aluminum foil container is a kind of packaging material that can withstand high and low temperatures (- 20-250 ℃) and will not change the molecular structure. It can be used in refrigerators, ovens, ovens, dining tables and other occasions without changing the container. Compared with the current popular plastic fast food boxes, which can only withstand the temperature range of - 16 ℃ to 85 ℃, the glittering surface of aluminum foil is used many times in multi-functional ovens, and the surface is still bright, At the same time, food can maintain its color and taste.
B、美观性?B. Aesthetics?
Aluminum foil containers are leak proof, strong, easy to clean and can keep food fresh. Aluminum has good conductivity and can speed up baking and freezing. Aluminum foil containers restore their original appearance faster and better than other packaging materials.
C、环保性?C. Environmental protection?
It is not conducive to the environment, safe and reliable, easy to use, the price is synchronized with plastic products, and water can be saved. Packaging fast food in aluminum foil containers can protect the environment and reduce white pollution.
D、循环性D. Circularity
Aluminum foil has high recycling value and can be recycled and recycled through any channel.
The aluminum foil fast food box, which conforms to China's national conditions, can enter the catering takeout, distribution and prepackaged food industry, and can also be used at home. It can replace a large number of plastics, cartons, etc. The wide application of food packaging box and aluminum foil lunch box can be said to be an important choice to promote green consumption, protect food safety, save food and practice the concept of sustainable development.