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Tea represents Chinese culture, so the first choice of Chinese cultural gifts is tea. The competition of tea in the market is also quite fierce, and in today's society, especially some people who pay attention to giving gifts don't like ambiguity and moral meaning, so tea packaging has also become a popular choice.
In the production and design of tea packaging box, the text on the surface is an important part. A packaging box can be without decoration, but there must be text. The words on the tea packing box must be brief and clear, and it is not suitable to use too cumbersome fonts.
Tea is an ancient and traditional culture in China. Chinese calligraphy also has a long history. It can also be properly used in the packaging of tea. The combination of the two can better reflect China's long cultural history. On tea packaging, we must use simple and understandable fonts and consider the recognition ability of consumers.
How to match the color of tea packing box? Color design is the most attractive to consumers on the packaging. If the color is matched properly, it will attract consumers' attention and arouse consumers' desire to buy. Color also has its own attributes. Use color carefully, less and exquisite, concise and clear, or fresh and elegant, simple and natural, or gorgeous and moving.
When designing the tea packing box, we should consider the grade, occasion and variety of products, pay attention to the occasion of gift giving, and the customs and appreciation habits of consumers. Design should also pay attention to the same style and use too many colors, which will give people a sense of flashiness.