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Food packaging gift box is a common gift box in our daily life. It's not too much to say. Let's think about it. We have to touch food three meals a day and eat snacks occasionally. There are two or three kinds of food we are exposed to every day, and more than ten kinds. In this way, the gift box packaging of food is particularly important. Especially those precious ingredients, we usually buy them back for our relatives and friends. If the packing is improper, it will be considered that the sincerity is not enough.
Before carefully studying food packaging gift boxes, we might as well take a look at the common types of food now. Now the common types of food are snacks, health products, precious ingredients, local specialties and some common daily ingredients. The gift box packaging is generally more expensive or characteristic products, such as health care products, precious food materials and local specialties. Of course, some snacks or imported snacks are sometimes packaged in gift bags.
Food packaging gift box actually has a lot of attention. Some companies don't know the secret and often make mistakes in packaging, thus losing some customers. The first point of food gift box is not to over package. Excessive packaging is not only not allowed by relevant national laws and regulations, but also disgusted by customers. For example, in order to highlight the value of products, some companies often use multi-layer packaging, and the packaging will be very luxurious. As everyone knows, when unpacking layers of packaging, customers find that the proportion of products is seriously inconsistent with the packaging, they will have a great aversion and think that the enterprise is cutting corners.
The second key point of food packaging gift box is to have characteristics. This requirement is generally reflected in local specialties. The packaging of many local specialties is very simple. Sometimes they even print a few cartoon images of cattle, sheep and chickens on it. In fact, local specialty is a product of great cultural value. When designing packaging, we should start with regional culture, focus on returning to nature and try to reflect the depth of the product.
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