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The usual packaging for takeout or takeout is paper, foam and plastic products. As shown in Fig. 1, it is a paper take out box for taking out cup drinks, which comprises a simple rectangular box body 1 and a holding part for holding. When taking out the cup beverage, place the cup beverage in the box body 1 and take it through the holding part.
However, the take out box has simple structure, the beverage cup is directly exposed to the air when taking out, and the thermal insulation effect is poor. When taking out hot drinks, the drinks are very easy to cool, and cold drinks are easy to heat up, which seriously affects the drinking taste, so it is not suitable for taking out packaging. In order to solve the problem, the invention provides a cup takeout box with good heat preservation effect.
In view of the shortcomings of the prior art, the purpose of the invention is to provide a cup takeout box, which has the advantages of good heat preservation effect and not easy to cause beverage pouring in the takeout process.
A cup takeout box comprises a box body with an opening on the top of the box cover, an inner bracket is arranged in the box body, the inner bracket comprises a diaphragm whose periphery conflicts with the inner wall of the shell body, and a plurality of hollow inserting parts arranged on the same side of the diaphragm for placing the beverage cup; The inserting part forms a socket on the diaphragm, and the shape of the inner cavity of the inserting part is adapted to the shape of the beverage cup.
It has at least the following advantages:
1. When taking out cup drinks, the cup drinks are fixed in the box through the inner bracket and placed firmly, which is convenient for the takeout to carry and is not easy to cause the pouring of cup drinks;
2. The beverage cup is not directly exposed to the air, and the multiple barrier effects of the box body, box cover and insertion part make the heat insulation effect excellent, which is conducive to maintaining the temperature of the cup beverage during the takeout process and does not affect its drinking feeling;
3. The takeout box reserves enough space for placing straws and sugar bags, which is more convenient, clean and sanitary;
4. The box body, box cover and inner bracket can be made of paper and plastic, with convenient processing and manufacturing, low cost, degradable raw materials and friendly to the environment.