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With the development of the times and the improvement of consumption level, people's demand for products is not limited to the product itself, and the overall sensory experience of the product is gradually taken into account. Take cake as an example. In the past, it may depend more on size and specification, but now the requirements for cake box are becoming higher and higher.
Cake has always been a favorite dessert. Because it is not limited by the age, gender, nationality and occupation of the consumer group, the sales volume is very high. Businesses will certainly spend more effort to improve competition, so the supporting cake box will be very valued. The packing box can reflect the use value of the product and its own commodity value to a certain extent. Of course, cakes of different shapes should be matched with different boxes. Below, cake box manufacturers will briefly introduce several.
First, round cake box
It is composed of box cover, surrounding edge and box bottom. It is worth mentioning that the bottom of the box is cleaner and sanitary after film coating, the possibility of cake sticking is greatly reduced, and it is also convenient for storage in the refrigerator.
Second and third body square box
It is also composed of box cover, surrounding edge and box bottom. What is better than the circular cake box is that it has greater filling, more convenient transportation and storage, the strongest load-bearing capacity, more sizes and greater selectivity.
Third, integrated portable box
As the name suggests, the whole box is integrated, more compact and convenient, easy to transport and carry.
Fourth, West Point box
This box has a wide variety of styles. Most of them can be folded and formed. Although it is smaller, it also has strong bearing capacity.
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