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As a whole, disposable packing boxes can be divided into plastic type, paperboard type, starch type, pulp molding type, plant fiber type, degradable plastic lunch box, biological fully degradable lunch box and other types. Haojijia will analyze them one by one.
The disposable lunch box made of plastic, that is, the disposable PP packing box and PS packing box, which are non-toxic, tasteless and odorless compared with other plastics, so they are especially suitable for holding hot meals and dishes. They can be heated in the microwave oven. At present, people can generally introduce them.
Paperboard snack box is made of 300-350 grams of bleached kraft wood pulp paperboard through a specific process. It is non-toxic to human body in the process of production and use. However, the quality requirements for paperboard are high, and the cost is also increased.
Starch type, edible fast food box with starch as raw material. This is a new type of lunch box, which is not very popular at present.
Pulp molding, which uses wood raw materials, first, it causes more damage to the use of trees, and second, it adds a lot of chemicals, which is not environmentally friendly enough, so we are not encouraged to buy.
In terms of environmental protection, plant fiber lunch boxes have obvious advantages. Using agricultural leftovers can become industrial raw materials, which is conducive to the comprehensive utilization of agricultural resources.
Degradable plastic lunch box. The raw material of this kind of lunch box is degradable plastic, but the current technology makes the degradable material only change from large to small, which can not fundamentally solve the pollution problem.
Biodegradable lunch box is an advanced environmental protection product. It takes starch as the main raw material, adds one-year plant fiber powder and special additives, and is processed by chemical and physical methods to make a biodegradable fast food box. Therefore, the pollution problem of general degradable lunch boxes is solved.