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The use of disposable packing box is very common. The high quality secondary lunch box will not affect people's health and life in the process of use. So how do we determine its quality?
1、 从颜色的角度来看,一次性餐具的透明度是玻璃制品的几倍,表面光滑。而劣质的一次性餐具由于采用了再生原料,导致透明度低,表面光泽暗淡。
1. From the perspective of color, the transparency of disposable tableware is several times that of glass products, and the surface is smooth. And inferior disposable tableware due to the use of recycled raw materials, resulting in low transparency, dull surface luster.
2、 硬度方面,两个一次性打包盒倒放,可承受一个成年人(约130-140斤)的重量。
2. In terms of hardness, two disposable packing boxes are placed upside down, which can bear the weight of an adult (about 130-140 Jin).
3、 从清洁的角度来看,由于一次性打包盒是一次性的,使用前只需检查是否有水渍、残留物和指纹,就可以确定是否是二次使用的餐具。
3. From the point of view of cleaning, since the disposable packing box is disposable, it only needs to check whether there are water stains, residues and fingerprints before use to determine whether it is a second use tableware.
4、 区别于气味,高品质的一次性打包盒无毒无味。开水时不会有异味。这是消费者的保证。劣质一次性打包盒会有刺鼻的气味,对人体健康危害很大。
4. Different from smell, high quality disposable packing box is non-toxic and tasteless. There is no peculiar smell when boiling water. This is the consumer's guarantee. Inferior disposable packing box will have a pungent smell, which is very harmful to human health.
5、从原材料的角度来看:1、标准打包盒:100%聚丙烯食品 级新材料,环保安全零添加。(纯PP材料厚度均匀,原色透明,弯曲有弹性和韧性)2、劣质餐盒:回收材料加入非食品级填料,或过量添加和混合。(多为灰黑色,加入填料后颜色、厚度不均。一般情况下,填料为白色或黑色,盖子加工成软而薄的透明PS材料。)
5. From the perspective of raw materials: 1. Standard packing box: 100% polypropylene food grade new material, zero addition of environmental protection and safety( Pure PP material thickness uniform, primary color transparent, bending elastic and toughness) 2, inferior lunch box: recycled materials added non food grade filler, or excessive addition and mixing( Most of them are gray black, with uneven color and thickness after adding filler. Generally, the filler is white or black, and the cover is made of soft and thin transparent PS material.)
6. From the design point of view: 1. Standard: reasonable bearing design, thick, heavy, hard, pay attention to practicality, small angle, large bearing capacity. 2. Poor quality: the material is loose and thin, the box is flat (simple to make, beautiful and generous), the angle of four corners is large, and the capacity is small.
7. From the technical point of view: 1. Standard packing box: the mechanical equipment of QS certification enterprise is adopted, the packing box is in place, beautiful and textured, and the sealing degree of the box cover is high. 2. Inferior packing box: the processing machinery is simple, in order to save the cost, the packing box is not well formed, the edge is rough, there is burr, there is no cover half ear, and the sealing degree of the box cover is not guaranteed.