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Disposable takeout packing box is the product of fast-paced life. However, the quality and health of disposable takeout packing box is worrying. But anyone who has long experience packing meals knows that when they use one-off takeout boxes to pack meals, they will deform when they are hot. So the question is, will long-term use of disposable takeout boxes do harm to the body?
一次性外卖打包盒都是塑料制品,尽量不要长期使用。塑料多为聚氯乙烯制成,这种化学物质遇高温会释放出有毒物质,伴随着饭菜进入体内危害健康。一次性发泡塑料饭盒和塑料袋盛装食物严重影响我们的身体健康。当温度达到65℃时,一次性发泡塑料餐具中的有害物质将渗入到食物中,会对人的肝脏、肾脏及中 枢神经系统等造成损害。 我们现在用来装食物的超薄塑料袋一般是聚氯乙烯塑料。
Disposable takeout boxes are plastic products, try not to use for a long time. Most of the plastics are made of PVC, which will release toxic substances when exposed to high temperature. With the food entering the body, it is harmful to health. Disposable foam plastic lunch boxes and plastic bags containing food seriously affect our health. When the temperature reaches 65 ℃, harmful substances in disposable plastic tableware will infiltrate into food, which will cause damage to human liver, kidney and central nervous system. The ultra-thin plastic bags we use to hold food are usually PVC.
早在四十年前,人们就发现聚氯乙烯塑料中残留有氯乙烯单体。当人们接触氯乙烯后,就会出现手腕、手指浮肿,皮肤硬化等症状,还可能出现脾肿大、肝损伤等症。聚苯乙烯制快餐盒已经成为我们日常生活的一部分,无论是豪华酒店,还是沿街的小吃摊;无论是汽车站,还是飞机场,随处都可以见到它们的影子。由于它具有毒性较低、熔点较高、可塑性强、生产简便等特点,使它成为制造价格便宜、随用弃的一次性外卖打包盒的好材料。一次性外卖打包盒对环境的危害则是人们肉眼所难以觉察的。由于废旧塑料 进入自然环境后难以降解。小编这这里提醒大家在使用一次性饭盒时一定要选择质量好、有安全标识的防止塑料饭盒盛放高温高油的食物产生有害物质。
As early as 40 years ago, vinyl chloride monomer was found in PVC plastics. When people contact with vinyl chloride, they will have swelling of wrist, fingers, skin hardening and other symptoms, and may also appear spleen swelling, liver injury and other diseases. Polystyrene fast food box has become a part of our daily life, whether it is a luxury hotel or a snack stand along the street; Whether it's bus stations or airports, you can see their shadows everywhere. Because of its low toxicity, high melting point, strong plasticity and easy production, it has become a good material for making disposable take out packing box with low price and discarded. The harm of disposable take out packing box to environment is hard to detect. It is difficult to degrade waste plastics after they enter the natural environment. This is a small part of this paper to remind you that when using disposable rice boxes, we must choose the food with good quality and safety signs to prevent harmful substances from being produced by the plastic rice box containing high temperature and high oil.
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