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With the trend of environmental protection, in order to limit the use of plastic, all industries are looking for new products to replace plastic. With the huge use of plastic lunch boxes in the catering industry, environment-friendly paper lunch boxes, mainly made of plant fibers, have emerged as the times require and are sold overseas. Now let's follow the disposable paper lunch box manufacturers to learn about the types of environment-friendly paper lunch boxes!
1、 Environmental friendly paper lunch box
When it comes to environment-friendly materials, first of all, paper is a familiar material, and "paper molding" is our priority. Paper is good in terms of recycling, recycling and decomposition. But the question is, where does paper come from?
The production of paper requires a large number of forest resources, and the water and soil loss caused by a large number of forest harvesting is obviously not suitable for China's national conditions. On the other hand, converting paper into lunch boxes requires converting paper into paper pulp, which causes serious water pollution during the production of paper pulp. The production cost is high, and the price of paper tableware is high, which can be accepted by consumers.
2、 Biodegradable environment-friendly paper lunch box
The second is degradable plastics. Degradable plastics refer to the substances that add photosensitizers, starch and other additives in the plastic production process. Plastic products made by this method can indeed be decomposed after being exposed to nature for three months after being discarded. However, from the perspective of complete shape, they can be decomposed into fragments, which seems to improve the environment visually. In fact, these fragments cannot be decomposed, but only become plastic from large pieces
3、 Vegetable fiber environment-friendly paper lunch box
Plant fiber is the fiber powder obtained by crushing straw, bagasse, etc. The whole process is to first make pulp from slag, and then mix it with water to make thick pulp, which is formed by hot pressing. The major advantage of plant fiber is that bagasse and straw are crop wastes, one from sugar factories and the other from farmland. The source of raw materials is very rich, which is the main reason why people like it widely at present. It is also the raw material of natural food, which can certainly be decomposed.
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