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Food packaging gift boxes need to be designed according to certain relevant rules, and the outer packaging box must be printed with relevant marks. So what should be included in the design of food packaging gift boxes? The editor gave a brief introduction to his friends:
Trademark design -- A trademark is a symbol, a symbolic image of enterprises and commodities. In general, the design of packaging box trademark needs to involve political, economic, legal and artistic fields. At present, the trademark of the product mainly consists of three forms: text trademark, graphic trademark and combination of text and graphics.
Color design -- The color of the packaging box plays an important role in packaging design. The color of the packaging box is closely related to the concept and composition of the entire packaging box. The color on the box must be flat and even, and the selection of the box texture also needs to be careful, because color addition is easily restricted by factors such as technology, materials, and use.
Text design - the text content on the packaging box can be said to be more, indicating the brand, product name, description, advertising text and manufacturer of the goods.
Graphic design - the graphics on the packaging box are mostly the direct reaction of the items in the box. The graphic design is to show the internal and external components of the image, and pass the information to consumers through the form of visual image. Therefore, the positioning of graphic design is very critical.
The above is the knowledge about the design of food packaging gift boxes introduced to you by the editor. I hope it will be helpful to you when designing food packaging gift boxes. Please consult us for more information about food packaging gift boxes !