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As there are many kinds of cooking methods of food, food with different cooking methods needs to be packaged in a targeted way, so as to ensure the taste, beauty and so on. Then, as individual businesses, what issues should we consider when choosing takeaway packaging bags?
1. Price cost: the packaging cost must be strictly budgeted in advance and controlled within 5% of the average customer unit price. Higher than this range will increase the cost burden of takeout, and businesses should be careful in choosing.
2. Whether it is easy to deform: which categories that are easy to be squeezed and deformed to affect the taste need attention, such as cake desserts.
3. Whether it is high-temperature resistant: PET packaging can not be used to put high-temperature soup and fried dishes, which are easy to melt and have peculiar smell.
4. Good sealing: for example, many environmental protection materials have good texture and natural materials, but they have a soft feel. The sealing property is not high enough, and dishes with juice are easy to leak. This is also what businesses should consider.
Standard 1: the most important thing is its functionality, which is above all other considerations.
Functions include: not easy to be damaged, not deformed, not leaking, not smelling, heat preservation, convenience, and good taste. After all, the basic core demand of users for takeout is food. If the packaging can't package the quality of dishes, everything is off the table.
Standard 2: first meet "standard 1" and then enhance the user experience within the cost budget. The cost of packaging must match the unit price per customer.
If the business takes the route of extreme cost-effectiveness, the packaging should follow the simple and practical route. It is forbidden to gild the lily by matching too many cartons, waist seals and other things with decoration greater than function.
On the one hand, the cost is too high, and the main reason why customers come to spend is not packaging but cheap pricing, which reduces the gross profit of the store; on the other hand, because low customer unit price stores belong to high-frequency consumer goods, too complicated packaging creates too much garbage, causing psychological burden to consumers. For more information, please visit our website Let's consult.