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"Packing treatment and avoiding waste" are advocated in restaurants. However, few restaurants use plastic bags when packing food, because this will affect the aesthetics. More stores use disposable take out boxes. However, there are a lot of such boxes. What should be paid attention to when selecting such boxes?
1、 Note the style of the packing box
The types and sizes of packing boxes are different, and with the changes in the demands of catering places, there are many kinds and styles of disposable packing boxes. Although the functions of these packing boxes are the same, their sizes and styles are suitable for different places and different kinds of food. For example, bottled packing boxes are used for soup food, and packing boxes with large grooves are used for cooking, It can be seen that selecting a suitable packing box depends on the purpose.
2、 Pay attention to the quality standard of the packing box
The disposable take out packaging boxes used in catering must meet the standards of hygiene and materials. However, what we know now that can be sold in the market all meet such basic standards. However, only meeting such standards can not meet the needs of users with high quality requirements. They need packaging boxes with better production technology and materials, and the quality standards of such products are relatively higher, Therefore, if you want to choose a good disposable packaging box, you can pay attention to its quality standard.
3、 Pay attention to the sales price of the packing box
Restaurants will buy packing boxes in batches, and the prices of the sellers of this kind of products may not be very favorable, so most customers will find merchants to buy in batches. Even so, there are differences in the price of packing boxes, which is related to the different styles of packing boxes and the preferential power of each manufacturer. Therefore, the selection of such packing boxes depends on the sales price of the same product.
It can bring a lot of convenience to merchants and consumers. However, there are many kinds of packing boxes. Not all packing boxes are suitable for selection. If you want to find a suitable one, you should choose more from its style, quality standard and sales price. Follow our website Yes, I will explain more things for you!