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我们的生活离不开衣食住行,服装的作用是为了御寒、遮羞和装饰,其重要不言而喻。服装包装盒作为包装服装的一个容器,具有良好的硬度、密封性和装饰性。那  服装包装盒定制时需要考虑什么呢?下面由食品包装礼盒定制厂家来讲讲。
Our life is inseparable from food, clothing, shelter and transportation. The role of clothing is to keep warm, cover up and decorate, and its importance is self-evident. As a container for packaging clothing, clothing packaging box has good hardness, sealing and decoration. What should be considered when customizing the clothing packaging box? The following is about the custom-made food packaging gift box manufacturers.
1、 Material selection
Whether it is a clothing packaging box, a food packaging box or a gift box, the choice of packaging materials is always the top priority. The characteristics and properties of different packaging boxes are different, which will directly affect the overall effect of the packaging box after molding.
Low grade clothing packaging boxes are usually made of corrugated paper, which has low cost, light weight and high strength, but low grade; Medium and high-end clothing packaging boxes usually use gray plate coated paper, cardboard, kraft paper and special paper. The packaging boxes made of such paper are usually more beautiful and have a wider range of process choices.
2、 Style design
Clothing can also be divided into men's clothing, women's clothing, children's clothing and middle-aged and old-age clothing. Therefore, the design style of clothing packaging boxes should also be changed according to the different consumer groups. For example, the design of women's packaging tends to be softer, with warm colors such as orange and pink, while the design of men's packaging tends to be more vigorous, with cold colors such as black and gray.
3、 Process and others
Designing and manufacturing a complete garment packaging box requires multiple steps such as die cutting, oiling, printing and film covering. Each step requires careful consideration and operation. If one step is not correct, it may lead to bad conditions in the finished products.
Stamping / silver, UV, film coating, embossing, embossing and other post printing processes are also very important in the production of clothing packaging boxes. Its role is to decorate and protect the surface of packaging boxes. For example, glazing and film coating can improve the gloss and wear resistance of the packaging box, and the unevenness can increase the three-dimensional feeling of the carton.
Our common clothing packaging boxes are generally paper boxes. Compared with plastic packaging, they are more environmentally friendly and have good printing performance. They can provide beautiful patterns and even play the role of advertising.
The commonly used packaging structures of clothing packaging boxes include heaven and earth cover boxes, drawer boxes, folding boxes, flip boxes, etc. High grade clothing packaging boxes are favored by major clothing brands because of their high-quality materials and processes. Therefore, if you have customized needs, please come to our website Let's consult.