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Product packaging technology has developed into an important part of marketing in China. It has a close relationship with the psychological activities of consumers. How can the packaging box attract the attention of consumers through design? The following manufacturers of disposable takeout boxes will give you advice.
Realistic psychology
Most consumers' consumption psychology in the process of consumption is realistic psychology. They believe that the actual utility of the goods is very important. They hope that the goods are easy to use and cheap, and do not deliberately pursue beauty and novelty.
Beauty seeking psychology
Consumers with certain economic bearing capacity generally have the psychology of seeking beauty, pay attention to the shape and outer packaging of commodities, and pay more attention to the artistic value of commodities. The consumer social groups with the psychology of seeking beauty are mainly young people, and the proportion of women in this group is relatively high. In terms of product categories, the packaging boxes of jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, handicrafts and gifts should pay more attention to the expression of aesthetic value psychology.
Seeking differences
The consumer social groups that yearn for differences are mainly young people under the age of 35. This kind of cultural consumption market group can think that the commodity and packaging style are very important and pay attention to novelty, uniqueness and individuality, that is, the packaging technology requires fashion in shape, color and shape.
Moreover, they are not very concerned about the use value and price of commodities. For the consumer group of our target group, we should not ignore it. The design of packing box system should highlight the characteristics of "novelty" to meet the needs of their own psychological difference analysis.
group psychology
Consumers of group psychology tend to be fashion or celebrity admirers with a wide range of ages. Because the media emphasizes the psychological behavior of fashion and celebrities, packaging design should grasp the trend, or directly improve the image of consumers, such as spokesmen, and improve the reliability of goods.
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