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The take out packing box is a packaging container used by many catering businesses when packing food. It can pack different foods in different small boxes, and can be sold together to facilitate customers to take away. However, some businesses need to have multiple boxes, so the method is to customize. Next, let's talk about the customization process and precautions of the take out packing box.
When customizing the take out packaging box, you should first go to the market to learn more about several manufacturers that can provide customized services. You can also ask your peers to see which manufacturer provides good customized services and produces products with guaranteed quality. Then you can have in-depth discussions with the other manufacturer. After contacting several manufacturers, you should see the quality of their products and the materials used in the production of the take out packaging box, We also need to know more about the reputation and production capacity of the manufacturer in the industry to see if it can deliver goods on time.
After determining the customized manufacturer of the take out packaging box, we need to have further talks with the manufacturer. At this time, we need to put forward our own requirements to the manufacturer and explain to the manufacturer what grade of materials we enjoy, because these are directly related to the customized price of the take out packaging box. The size of the box and the number of small boxes that the box needs will have a direct impact on its consumption and are closely related to its customized price.
In addition, when customizing the disposable take out packaging box, you need to print the pattern you want and sometimes leave your contact information. These will increase the cost of producing the take out packaging box and affect its customization price.
When customizing the take out packing box, after selecting the materials, the specific requirements shall be put forward, and then the manufacturer shall give the specific drawings according to his own requirements, and then produce appropriate samples and print the desired patterns. At this time, the samples shall be obtained for confirmation. After confirmation, the ordering contract can be signed with the customized manufacturer. The manufacturer will produce according to the customized quantity.
At this time, both parties should negotiate the customized price, write the negotiated price into the order contract, and indicate the delivery date in the contract. The rights and interests of both parties should be clearly distinguished, so that the conflict can be solved by legal means.
When customizing the disposable take out packaging box, the manufacturer should also explain to the manufacturer whether the product he wants to order is a take out packaging box made of pure cardboard or a take out packaging box with a film on the inner layer of cardboard. There are also certain differences in the customized prices of these two kinds of lunch boxes, and their processing processes are different. If it is not explained clearly in advance, it is easy to cause misunderstanding and contradiction, which will affect the cooperation between the two parties, also affect the production and delivery date of the products, and delay the normal use of the customers.
This is the customization process and precautions of the take out packing box. If your demand is customization, you can follow our website , and then consult the relevant process and other questions. We will serve you wholeheartedly.