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Customers often ask how to choose the paper and size of takeaway bags when inquiring. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the material and size of customized takeaway bags.
What materials are generally suitable for takeaway bags: the materials of takeaway bags mainly include white cardboard, kraft paper, black cardboard, copper paperboard and special paper.
1. Advantages of white cardboard: solid, relatively durable, good smoothness, rich and full colors printed. 210-300g white cardboard is commonly used in takeaway bags, and 230g white cardboard is often used.
2. Material characteristics of copper board paper: both whiteness and gloss are very good. When printing, pictures and pictures can reflect a three-dimensional sense, but its firmness is not comparable to that of white cardboard. The thickness of copper paper commonly used in takeaway bags is 128-300 grams.
3. Advantages of kraft paper: it has high toughness and firmness, and is not easy to tear. Kraft paper is generally suitable for printing some monochrome or two-color take away bags with insufficient colors.
The commonly used size is: 120-300g 4. The advantages of black card paper: it is solid and durable, and the color is black. Because the black card paper itself is black, its disadvantage is that it cannot print color, but it can be used for bronzing, silver ironing and other processes.
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