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At present, we can see a lot of takeout packaging in the market. In order to attract the attention of more buyers, businesses need to spend more time on takeout packaging. What aspects should be paid attention to in takeout packaging? Let's talk about the manufacturers of takeaway bags.
1. Good packaging should meet these points: it is not easy to be damaged, deformed and leaked, and special categories should have the function of heat preservation. The basic requirement for customers to order takeout is that the food they get can be kept intact. If this can't be done, it's useless to have a high appearance.
2. Pay attention to the size of the lunch box. The dishes should be more than 2/3 full of the lunch box. Too much is easy to spill, and it is not delicate enough; Too little seems to be insufficient, and 2/3 portions are visually just right.
3. After meeting the above basic needs, you can consider the user experience based on the budget. The cost of packaging should match the unit price per customer. If it is a high customer order takeout, you must not save money on packaging.
If businesses follow the cost-effective route, the packaging of fast food with two dishes and one staple food should follow the simple and practical route, and avoid painting the snake and adding the foot. There are too many matching cartons, waist seals and other things with decoration greater than function.
4. Try not to use special-shaped lunch boxes. Although they have high appearance value, they occupy a larger place and are easy to deform during distribution; For restaurants without their own distribution team, the use of round boxes and square boxes is practical insurance.
5. In view of the endless emergence of various fast-food packaging boxes in the market, when ordering takeout food, everyone must pay attention to the digital logo on the plastic box and be aware of it. At present, China has national standards for plastic products and paper food packaging for food packaging, and Shanghai and other places have also issued safety standards for paper packaging boxes for takeout meals.
Today, Xiaobian gave a brief introduction to takeaway packaging. If you want to know more about takeaway packaging, please continue to pay attention to our website , I hope today's content can help you.