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As the reference relationship between color matching and packaging, it is mainly based on the external packaging color matching, which can reveal or reflect the essence of the external packaging. People can feel or guess the essence of the external packaging by looking at the external packaging, But if we can go to the shop and have a look at the goods, many goods can't show this kind of caring relationship
So that consumers can't think from the outside to the inside of the packaging goods. Naturally, it can't play a positive role in promoting the market sales of goods. Let's follow the packaging box manufacturers to see the relationship between the color matching of food packaging boxes and packaging materials.
From the perspective of making progress in the manufacturing industry, the color of food packaging is usually expressed with light yellow and pink, which gives people a warm and cordial feeling. Naturally, there are many green tea, many juice drinks, many green and blue drinks, many drinks and snacks with bright red, and many children's snacks with rose red, Under normal circumstances, the main colors of skin care and cosmetics for daily necessities are rose red, pink white, light green, light blue and dark coffee to highlight the harmony, warmth, nobility and elegance. The clothing, shoes and hats are mostly dark green, dark blue, coffee or gray to highlight the beauty of stability, nobility and elegance.
From the use of performance characteristics, only in terms of food, birthday cakes and snacks are often golden and light yellow, giving people a strong impression of fragrance; Tea, beer and other juice drinks are often red or green, which represents the rich and aromatic tea; Tomato juice and apple juice are often red, which indicates the natural property of the product in a centralized way. Although some of the outer packages do not look like the colors close to the commodity property as mentioned above, if the design of the package is written by the packaging box manufacturer, there must be the representative color block of the clear pen in the picture of the outer package Color dot, color line or centralized content highlighted by the color.