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Nowadays, most packaged lunch boxes have become paper lunch boxes, which are commonly used disposable products in people's daily life. So how much do you know about it? Let me briefly introduce some things about paper lunch boxes.
Although plastic tableware is very convenient to use, it is not only harmful to the body, but also seriously pollutes the environment. In particular, disposable tableware and spoons can be thrown away at one time, which can not be reused and can not be degraded in industry. Knives, forks and spoons may take hundreds of years to completely degrade, and the pollution to the environment is immeasurable.
Environmental friendly disposable paper lunch boxes can reduce the difficulty of degradation and environmental pollution to a certain extent. Paper lunch boxes on the market include kraft paper lunch boxes, which belong to the paperboard process, but most of them have PP coating to achieve water and oil resistance. Otherwise, the lunch box will leak oil and water. This paper lunch box is easy to print and then cut into shape.
The paper lunch box made of sugarcane pulp or wheat straw pulp is extruded by the pulp molding process and added with food grade waterproof and oil proof agent. Compost can be completely degraded into organic matter within 90 days. But this degradable lunch box is difficult to print. Unless the logo is engraved on the mold, the printing cost of ink will be very high.
Definition of paper lunch box: paper lunch box is a container with paper as the base material and paraffin and polyethylene coating on the surface, which is used for food packaging or cold and hot drinks and cold and hot food. It can be recycled, landfilled or incinerated, and will not cause serious environmental pollution. It has high environmental protection value.
Classification of paper lunch boxes: according to the processing raw materials, paper lunch boxes can be divided into cardboard paper lunch boxes, pulp molded paper lunch boxes, coated paper lunch boxes. Among them, coated paper lunch boxes are more common, medium and small. Paper lunch boxes have brought convenience to people's daily life and are deeply loved by people. The usage is increasing year by year, especially in fast food restaurants.
The above is what Xiaobian brought to you about disposable paper lunch boxes for your reference. We will meet your needs. Welcome to our website , introduce you to various lunch boxes and packaging matters.