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1、 Diversity of Technology
A variety of techniques can be used to create unique visual effects on paper packaging materials, such as gilding, UV printing, glazing, embossing, printing, etc. But the application process of glass, metal and many other materials is very limited, only a few processes such as cutting.
2、 Diversity of visual effects
There are many kinds of paper for paper packaging box, such as white cardboard, kraft paper, coated paper, art paper and so on. White cardboard, kraft paper and so on provide a single visual effect, but the vast amount of art paper can present a rich visual effect. For example, the surface of leather filled paper is similar to the texture of leather. After the touch paper is oiled, it feels smooth and delicate.
3、 High safety factor
Compared with glass, metal and other materials, paper packaging boxes are much safer. Paper products do not have to worry about being hit by gravity, which greatly reduces the risk. At the same time, the paper material is lighter and occupies less space, which can reduce part of the long-distance transportation costs.
The paper packaging box design space is also very large, not rigidly adhere to a certain fixed shape, give customers new and unique shape, can more attract customers to buy, so as to achieve the purpose of improving sales.