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A beautiful zongzi gift box packaging design can not only give people the enjoyment of beauty, but also directly stimulate consumers' desire to buy in today's changing sales mode, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting sales. So, what are the details that need to be paid attention to in the packaging design of zongzi?
Selection of materials in packaging design
With the continuous development of the times, zongzi is not only a simple food, but also a holiday gift. Then in the packaging design of zongzi, we need to pay attention to this problem and choose the appropriate packaging materials. The traditional packaging of zongzi products is carton design, so in the innovative packaging design of zongzi, cartons, corrugated color boxes or boutique gift boxes can be designed. For example, the outer package of the gift box looks more elegant and high-end, which can naturally arouse customers' interest in buying.
On the shape selection of packaging design
At present, the packaging design of zongzi also needs continuous innovation to make this product stand out among many products. You can try to change the traditional packaging shape of zongzi. At present, the traditional zongzi packaging on the market is square, and the innovative zongzi packaging design can be cylindrical, triangular or polygonal, so that the novel zongzi packaging surprises customers and wants to buy.
3. Zongzi packaging pattern design
When designing the packaging of zongzi, we should not forget the traditional elements besides innovation. Therefore, we can choose to use some traditional elements of the Dragon Boat Festival in the packaging design of zongzi. Such as zongzi, dragon boat rowing, etc. In terms of color, you can also boldly choose contrast elements to increase visual impact. I believe that as long as we allocate patterns and colors reasonably, the packaging of dumplings can be more beautiful.
On the practicality of dumpling packaging
When designing the packaging of zongzi, we also need to consider the practicality of the product. For example, add a tear opening on the package so that customers can easily open it for consumption after purchase. At the same time, the design of the packing box also needs to consider whether it is moisture-proof and extrusion proof. The packaging design of zongzi needs to consider the appearance and convenience of the packaging. If necessary, it is recommended to choose a professional food packaging gift box manufacturer to complete the product packaging design, so the effect will be better. And it can also support proofing production and one-stop customized production.
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