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With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people pay attention to food. For our packaging enterprises, what are the types of food packaging box design? There are many bases for classifying food packaging. For example, the types of packaging can be divided according to the types of food. Some belong to the packaging of cooked food, and some belong to the packaging of green food and seafood. Food packaging, etc. In addition to the classification of food categories, it can also be classified according to the age level of consumers.
For example, food intended for children can be called children's food packaging, food intended for the elderly can be called health food packaging, and food intended for adults can be called adult food packaging. Among them, the packaging of children's food can be said to be of great concern, because many parents are more concerned about the safety of children's food, so the following focuses on the design of children's food packaging.
The design of children's food packaging products can be divided into many different levels, such as the food specially provided for infants aged 0-3 and the food specially provided for children aged 4-12. The understanding of food will be very different. If the baby is 0 to 3 years old, the outer packaging is basically designed for the parents.
When parents buy food for 0-3-year-old babies, they may not be more concerned about the packaging, but about the nutritional composition of this food. Parents are more concerned about the safety of this food. Therefore, when designing the outer packaging of 0-3-year-old children's food, it is necessary to emphasize the safety and reliability of this food and the nutritional richness of this food.
If it is a food outer packaging design for children aged 4-12, it should take into account the visual and tactile feelings of these children and their playfulness. How to design the outer packaging is not only to protect the food, but also the packaging itself should be interesting and playable.
Here is a brief introduction to the problems needing attention in the customization of children's food packaging boxes. In addition to children's food packaging, there are also youth food packaging. A significant difference between teenagers and children is that teenagers are more eager for adults. Therefore, when designing this kind of food packaging, some adult aesthetic tastes can be integrated into it. For example, some popular trends or new events can be integrated into the outer packaging.
In addition, the manufacturer of food packaging box believes that in the design process of children's food packaging, comprehensive design must be carried out according to the actual situation, and all designs must be taken into account. For example, the configuration or text background related to the whole picture must be unified, and there will be different pictures and other classifications in the whole packaging process.
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