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1, design, according to the requirements, culture, and product characteristics, etc., design pattern proofing, according to the drawings, make samples. Gift boxes pay attention to beautiful appearance, so the color of the production version is also multifarious, usually a style of gift box not only has four basic colors, but also several spot colors, such as gold, silver, these are spot colors.
2. Handmade bamboo basket packaging, pure original ecology, novel design, durable, low-carbon environmental protection, can be widely used in fruits, fungi, eggs, food, pickled products and other agricultural and sideline products packaging.
3,选纸板,一般的礼盒纸板都是硬纸板或长纸板来做。高档酒包装与礼品包装纸盒。多采用厚度为3mm-6mm 的硬纸板用人工裱贴外装饰面,粘接成型。
3. Choose cardboard. The general gift box cardboard is made of cardboard or long cardboard. High grade wine packaging and gift packaging carton. The paper board with the thickness of 3 mm-6 mm is mostly used, and the outer decorative surface is mounted manually and bonded to form.
4. Printing. Gift boxes are only printed with wrapping paper. Mounting paper can't be printed, and at most it's only dyed. Because gift boxes are outer packaging boxes, the printing process is very high, and color difference, ink dot and rotten version are the most taboos.
5, surface treatment, gift box wrapping paper usually do surface treatment, common is too light glue, too dumb glue, too UV, too light oil, too dumb oil.
6. Beer, beer is an important link in the printing process. If you want to make the beer accurate, you must make the knife mold accurate. If the beer is not accurate, the beer is partial, and the beer is continuous, these will affect the subsequent processing.
7. Mounting. Usually, the printed matter is mounted first and then mounted. Only the gift box is mounted first and then mounted. First, it's afraid of making decorative wrapping paper. Second, it pays attention to the overall beauty of the gift box. The mounting paper of the gift box must be handmade to achieve a certain beauty.