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Nowadays, the use of take out bags is too common in society. The delivery bags we have seen are not the same style and color. They are very different in size, color, transparency, and pattern. However, the manufacturer will explain what should be paid attention to when the merchant customizes the delivery bag for degradation!
We need to customize the size of the delivery bag. Due to the large number of food industries, the load-bearing requirements for bags are different. Sometimes, due to different purchase needs of consumers, we can generally choose to customize packaging bags of different sizes.
What style of takeout bag should some local merchants choose? Because there are many colors and styles of takeout bags, they need to choose the color and style of the bag. We have decided on the printing color. There are also styles. Manufacturers generally provide style design. Businesses can share their own customization ideas with manufacturers. Of course, they can also design according to their own needs.
In the choice of color, it is generally single-sided monochrome, and you can also choose single-sided two-color or single-sided multi-color, so the price is different, so you need to weigh and choose by yourself. As for the quantity of customized plastic bags, the factory will accept some large orders, while the factory will not accept small orders. In addition, the more customized plastic bags of the same style and size, the lower the average price. Please be sure to check the product quality after placing an order. If any nonconformity is found, you must contact the manufacturer in time to avoid unnecessary losses.
In addition, you should know the selection criteria for outbound packaging, such as:
Conform to temperature characteristics. Generally speaking, heat preservation or cooling preservation is a problem that needs to be considered for different types of takeaway packaging. We need to be cautious about different items, different materials and sealing. Sometimes, we even need to skillfully use products that are not easy to dissipate heat to heat products that dissipate heat quickly. For example, paste soup boxes under vegetable boxes.
Conform to food characteristics. For example, the packaging of steamed buns, steamed buns and other pasta needs to be breathable, but the packaging of soup dishes is poor if it is breathable.
It needs to conform to the packaging method. What is the difference between this and the processing method? The processing method is to facilitate the production efficiency in the store. The packaging method is to facilitate stacking and distribution.
It needs to conform to the processing means. Takeaway is a business that strives for efficiency, so any part of the packaging design of takeaway bags that will reduce the efficiency of the in store processing process will greatly reduce your profitability.
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