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Pulp is a kind of paper lunch box. Because it is pulp molded paper, it is more environmentally friendly. Paper lunch boxes bring convenience to people's daily life and are deeply loved by people. Usage is increasing year by year, especially in fast food restaurants. When customizing a paper lunch box, you need to know the identification content. Let's talk about it below.
Before customizing the carton, you need to select the appropriate carton material according to the weight of the goods you load. This is to take into account the thickness and cushioning capacity of the carton. In the case of the same gram weight paper, the higher the corrugated height, the better the cushioning performance and the worse the hardness; The shorter the corrugated height, the worse the cushioning performance of the paper and the better the hardness. This can be selected according to the goods you want to load.
Custom carton is to choose the appropriate size according to your needs in order to use the carton. This can first measure the length, width and height of the goods, and then determine the size of the carton.
Generally, disposable pulp lunch boxes shall be sealed in plastic bags, which shall not be damaged. Pulp lunch boxes with loose packaging are easy to be polluted by the environment, and the sanitary conditions can not be guaranteed. Choose a strong paper lunch box and try to choose a lunch box with hard wall thickness. You can roughly know its load-bearing performance by pinching it on both sides of the product.
The product package shall indicate the manufacturer's name, address, product executive standard, production date, etc. Consumers should try to choose newer products, because the shorter the storage time, the lower the pollution degree of the products. Be careful to buy products with incomplete marks, not to mention "three noes" products.
Compared with traditional lunch boxes, disposable paper lunch boxes have novel structure, heat preservation and leak proof. During transportation, oil, soup and rice are mixed, which does not affect the taste, and is convenient for transportation, stacking and lodging prevention. Improving the advantages of plastic boxes is of great significance to actively promote the promotion and popularization of environmental protection cartons and improve consumers' acceptance of environmental protection cartons. It is also the demand of today's fast-paced fast-food culture for healthy and environmentally friendly tableware.
Carton packaging has become a fashion, but carton customization also needs to pay attention to some problems. If enterprises need to customize paper lunch boxes, they need to compare and check more and choose manufacturers. Because there are many manufacturers who customize cartons, only reliable manufacturers can customize high-quality cartons, so choosing manufacturers is also a very important thing. For more information, follow the website www.sdynbz.com Com!