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Nowadays, the outer packaging of pastries looks very beautiful and can indirectly attract customers to buy or experience. However, this outer packaging is not made casually, but repeatedly pondered by professional designers. Designing such a small and unique packaging requires a lot of practice. Today, I'd like to introduce some problems that we often consider when designing this kind of outer packaging.
A good package can not only visually attract consumers to buy products, but also psychologically capture consumers' excitement and increase their shopping desire. Successful product packaging has the function of promotion and can also be regarded as a cheap promotion tool. If consumers see a product they are very interested in, they will judge whether the product is a good product packaging through the packaging of brand products, which can play a very important role.
Packaging can spread the company's brand. If a brand is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it can not only increase the popularity of the brand to a certain extent, but also bring real benefits to the enterprise. Therefore, the enterprise is also willing to spend money to hire professional designers for packaging.
First, the packaging design of pastry gift box should consider the shape. The outer package of cakes is generally round or oval, and sometimes square. Although this kind of outer packaging has an inherent shape, sometimes the shape is not invariable. For example, when considering the shape, the shape of the cake itself must be combined.
Some experienced designers can let customers see the outer packaging of pastries. You can immediately think of this pastry and its beautiful image, that is, the packaging can show the outline of the pastry packaged inside to a certain extent, and this shape can stimulate customers' potential purchase ideas.
The second is to consider the size of packaging design. If the dessert or pastry itself is small, the typical two or three pieces, or seven or eight pieces of dessert can be put in one bag, so the bag may need to be bigger. The outer packaging not only plays the role of display, but also plays the role of protecting the cakes inside. Therefore, the three problems to be considered in the design of outer packaging are the materials of outer packaging. The outer packaging material of pastries should be environmentally friendly and healthy.
In addition to the above considerations, no matter what kind of food packaging gift box, we should also consider the color matching of packaging. The things inside are food, so in terms of color, consider choosing a color close to the food, or choose some colors that are easy to cause people's appetite. Seeing such a color, it's easy to think there's food in it. For more information, please visit our website at www.sdynbz.com Com!