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  Disposable paper lunch box is a common disposable item in People's Daily life. So what do you really know about it? Let's introduce the product from several aspects.
  Disposable paper boxes in paper as base material, surface covered with paraffin wax, polyethylene coating used in food packaging or hot and cold drinks and hot and cold food containers, because use paper materials, and can recycle use, and can deal with by burying or burning, without causing serious environmental pollution, has the high value of environmental protection.
  Disposable paper lunch box can be divided into cardboard disposable paper lunch box, paper pulp molding disposable paper lunch box, drenching disposable paper lunch box three categories, among which the drenching disposable paper lunch box is the most common; According to the capacity into large, medium, small three categories. Disposable paper lunch box for People's Daily life to bring convenience, deeply loved by people, the use of increasing year by year, especially in fast food restaurants.
  The purchase of disposable paper meal boxes is also worth paying attention to, to see its appearance, general disposable disposable paper meal boxes should be sealed in plastic bags, bags should not be damaged, the packaging is not strict disposable paper meal boxes are vulnerable to environmental pollution, the health situation can not be guaranteed.
  To choose a relatively strong disposable paper lunch box, as far as possible to choose thick box wall, stiff. By gently squeezing the product on both sides with your hands, you can get a rough idea of its load-bearing performance. In addition, disposable paper lunch box products with too white appearance should not be selected, because there may be the problem of excessive fluorescent substances.
  To see the logo, the product packaging should indicate the name of the manufacturer, address, product standards, production date, etc. Consumers should try to choose more recent products, because the shorter the shelf life, the lower the level of contamination. To mark incomplete products carefully purchase, do not buy “three without” products.
  The focus of disposable paper meal box is generally the content of the above explanation, of course, if you have any doubts, you can come to the website www.sdynbz.com for consultation at any time.