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  Today's gift box packaging appearance is very beautiful, creative style is distinct, so it can let people find their needs, more can have a good space in the market, so what is the common structure of gift box packaging design?
  Food packaging gift box structure design, this form of carton is often used for toys, food and so on. The feature of this structure is that consumers can see the product at a glance, which can improve the credibility of the product. In general, the part that opens the window is supplemented with transparent material.
  Portable gift box packaging structure design, this form of carton is often used for gift box packaging, its characteristics is easy to carry. However, we should pay attention to whether the volume, weight, material and structure of the handle are similar, so as not to damage consumers in the process of use.
  Drawer type gift box packaging structure design, this packaging form is similar to the shape of the drawer, the lid and the body of the box with two pieces of paper, the structure is firm, can be used for many times. A box for ordinary liquid, chocolate, etc.
  Deformable gift box packaging structure design, deformable paper box to pursue the structure of fun and variability, often suitable for snacks, candy, toys and other lively products. The structure is complicated, but the exhibition works well.
  The packaging structure design of covered gift box is divided into two types: connecting type and connecting type. Singleton means attaching a lid to a box to form a sheet of paper, as in cigarette packaging. Separation means that the lid is separated from the box and consists of different varieties, such as mooncake packaging.
  Modular packaging structure design, modular packaging is often used for gift box packaging. This kind of packing has both packaging and repackaging, which is characterized by high price but high cost.
  What are the common structures in gift box packaging design? Here we talk about these kinds, I hope to give you good help, of course, if you do not understand the problem during the use, then come to the website www.sdynbz.com to consult us.