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  Nowadays, when buying something, people not only consider whether it is what they need or the price they want, but also whether the packaging of the thing is what they want. Therefore, the packaging box is really important now. So how to show the "delicious" food packaging box to the public?
  Food packaging box design to convey food information, such as taste, quality, connotation and so on. Accurately conveying taste information is one of the purposes of food packaging design. In the face of product packaging, customers cannot taste its taste, but can only experience its delicious taste through the packaging before purchase.
  The visual elements of food packaging mainly include color, material, graphics and shape. "Gustatory" can be expressed from the following aspects: the gustatory expression of color, material, figure, shape and so on.
  To be specific:
  Gustatory expression of color: Color is also important to food. Color and aroma refer to people's perception of food from sight, smell and taste. Because of the unique charm of color, it is the effective element that conveys taste and stimulates appetite. For example, red gives a taste of sweetness and is mainly used in packaging to convey sweetness.
  Material taste expression: The materials used should be primarily functional, but in some ways, they can express spiritual meaning. Material is embodied in material, texture and texture from a visual and tactile point of view. Each material has its own characteristics, let people feel its material beauty. And the material is endowed with many cultural symbols, which can express the personality characteristics of taste.
  Graphic taste representation: in packaging graphic representation, some take the product itself or raw materials as the main body; Some use the object as the main body; Or to place of origin, symbols and even characteristics of shading elements as the main body; Cultural elements as the main body, through metaphors and hints to express the taste and personality of food, so as to arouse consumers' taste and association.
  Gustatory representation of shape: The shape design of food packaging shapes the packaging into an abstract form to express information. In the design process, on the premise of reducing costs and saving resources, the design should be as simple as possible but not simple. Change or transform packaging structure, make it have individuality and distinction.
  How to show the "delicacy" of food packaging to the public? Today, we have learned how to express the delicacy of food packaging from four aspects: the taste table of color, the taste expression of materials, the taste expression of graphics and the taste expression of shapes. For more information, please visit our website www.sdynbz.com!