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  With the advent of "take-out era", many people do not have the time or the willingness to go to the restaurant to eat, they like to take away. Therefore, the simple, convenient and low-cost disposable takeout packaging box emerged at the right moment. It is light and convenient to carry, and it does not need to be washed after dinner, so it can be seen no matter in the streets or high-end places. Of course, the purchase of disposable take-away packaging boxes should be inspected by manufacturers.
  Disposable is an adjective meaning the ability of something to be disposed of or thrown away after use. Disposable products (also known as disposable products) are products designed to be used once before they are recycled or disposed of as solid waste. The term usually implies cheapness and short-term convenience, rather than medium - to long-term durability.
  We know that disposable takeout takeout containers are usually made of plastic or foam, which is bad for your health. Therefore, there are standards for the production of disposable takeaway packaging boxes. First, raw materials should comply with relevant provisions, and other ingredients should not be added randomly to avoid adverse chemical reactions. Secondly, in the production process to carry out spot checks can not slack off, so as to avoid defective products falling into the market above the impact of corporate reputation and human health; Furthermore, the production technology is improved at any time to ensure the quality of products.
  There are also many small vendors produce and sell meal boxes without strict control of the quality of the product, which is more harmful to health. Therefore, the wholesale or purchase of disposable take-away packaging boxes must be inspected by the manufacturer in accordance with the production standards.
  How can consumers ensure the safety of disposable take-away packing boxes? Select reputable suppliers and verify in detail the origin of the product. The bottom or cover of conventional products should be printed with QS certification number and material identification symbols, such as PP material "symbol". In the case of not knowing the product performance, try to avoid using in high temperature above 80℃. When buying, choose the primary color transparent product with high safety factor. When heated, it has no smell, no deformation and softens into a safe doggy box.
  In view of the problem of "the purchase of disposable takeout packaging boxes should be investigated by the manufacturer", we have made the corresponding explanation, so we should pay more attention to some matters when choosing disposable takeout packaging boxes, not random which can be. For more information, visit www.sdynbz.com.