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  Through customization can be different from the monotony of the shape of the packaging plan on the market, from their own design and their own product brand design. So what is the process of customizing food packaging gift boxes? Here is your answer.
  The first step is to select and design the style of food packaging gift box according to the characteristics of the product and brand, establish the design and packaging theme, and choose the color pattern, material and printing process. Good design can make food packaging gift boxes look beautiful, unique and generous, while establishing brand characteristics, easy for consumers to remember and promote sales and transactions.
  The important purpose of packaging is for commercial communication and sales, so the top priority of design is to highlight the characteristics of products and brands, so that they are located in the core position of fresh and conspicuous packaging. Color pattern is determined according to the color of the product. A good food packaging gift box packaging should be consistent with the product. Keeping unity and uniqueness is the criterion to measure the quality of food packaging gift box.
  Custom food packaging gift boxes usually require proofing of designed samples to ensure the consistency of color and quality of mass production costs.
  Experienced proofing, can be based on food packaging gift box samples for mass production. First of all, the first step is to make a plate, according to the appearance color of customized food packaging gift box, choose the color version, because food packaging gift box is generally composed of several colors, several colors are several versions, spot color is a version. The second step is to choose the paper, usually used for double copper and grey board, they are suitable for gift wrapping paper, because they are not easy to blister packaging and strong to protect goods, to ensure the quality of goods.
  Then the surface treatment, through the processing process to add food packaging gift box surface perspective effect, looks more beautiful and three-dimensional, such as dumb glue, gloss oil, etc. The fourth step is the cutting die forming, which is an important step in the whole printing process. It determines the success or failure of the later stage of the product. The cutting die must be accurate, if not, it will affect the subsequent processing.
  The end is to bond semi-finished products, after bonding a beautiful food packaging gift box is done, the production process is completely over. The above elaboration on the process of customized food packaging gift box, I hope to help you, if you have any questions, you can contact !