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There are many exquisite designs of gift boxes, especially fruits. Most fruits on the market are in bulk, but there are two reasons to use fruit boxes, one for transportation and the other for gifts.
The first is for large businesses. They are generally used to fruit carton packaging. At this time, the packaging box should be large enough, with strong bearing capacity and complete moisture-proof and anti-corrosion functions.
The second is some small fruit merchants who give gifts to customers. This stresses not only the space and durability, but also the commercial and humanistic values. It reflects the product value and taste through the box. The manufacturer of Yinuo food packaging gift box shares the design points with you.
The design of fruit gift boxes is exquisite and beautiful, which fully reflects the living standard and makes customers like them. Increasing sales is the core consideration. So, what should we pay attention to when designing the packaging gift box?
1. Pay attention to both appearance and content. We should highlight the characteristics of products from the packaging, let consumers know what is in the box and what characteristics there are, and convey the message to consumers.
2. Fully display the goods and reduce customers' doubts about consumer goods. Such as transparent packaging box, you can see the goods from the outside box, so that consumers can clearly see the goods inside.
3. The combination of pictures and words is also very important. A gift box without a written description is not a perfect package. For example, the food packaging will indicate the product composition, place of origin, production date, eating method, etc., and different commodities will have their own display, which is to make customers understand the commodities more clearly.
4. Color design. In the customized design of packaging box, color is also an important aspect, because the first thing consumers see is different colors. For example, Wuyuan Huangju tea packaging box uses golden yellow to represent chrysanthemum and color to represent products, which is a very clever design method.
5. Pay attention to the function. Packaging should not only be beautiful, but also have the function of protecting goods. Vain appearance can not be loved and supported by consumers. Only by combining design with practice can we truly meet the psychological needs of diversified consumers.