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Poster is one of the most common ways of publicity and advertising, so the problem comes. So how can we design a good poster design and have a better publicity product or corporate culture? In poster design, font design is also an important part of a well-designed poster. What are the skills of font design?
1. 字体的风格1. Font style
Each font has its own style characteristics. Needless to say, people prefer things with characteristics, such as going to a restaurant they don't often go to, and they don't know what kind of dishes are good and popular. Then we'll ask the waiter what are your specialties here, order me one, and so on. To get back to business, what about fonts that people like? First understand the target population, and then select a type of font, which is the font expected by your current population.
2. 避免使用默认字体2. Avoid using default fonts
What if you often use the default font in your statements or designs? It means you declare to the world that you don't know there are other fonts. Try another font. Maybe there's a different spark collision.
3. 避免使用被过度的字体3. Avoid using excessive fonts
A font is very popular and is in use. We call it overuse, which may be a little tired. This is also caused by the fact that computers have many of the same fonts. If you find a font that matches the document style, install a new font. Maybe the new font will shine in front of people.
4. 使用两种字体4. Use two fonts
One is the title and the other is the use of text content. This will make your document look clearer, more structured, easy to understand, attractive, concise and so on.
5. 字体大小5. Font size
The title needs a larger font than the text, and the font can also be highlighted in the more important text of the document.
The above is the skills about poster fonts introduced by food packaging box manufacturers. If you understand the fonts of posters, you can easily design different styles of font posters.