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As an effective channel to convey product information to consumers, product packaging box has been paid more and more attention by enterprises. However, when a wide range of gift boxes are customized and placed on supermarket shelves to promote the product itself to consumers without words.
How to make the product packaging box convey more information and produce more visual attraction to consumers has become a common problem faced by enterprises, and the creative packaging box has become the first choice of enterprises.
Creative packaging box can not only attract the attention of consumers, but also convey the concept of products and produce the effect of brand recognition. It has become a three-dimensional and diversified system structure.
In fact, "consumers often have brand recognition when buying a product, which is why many people buy fixed brand products.
Once consumers encounter the products of this brand, they will have a sense of intimacy and identity, which will often shorten the decision-making time of consumers when purchasing products and produce rapid purchase decisions. Because of its uniqueness and uniqueness, creative packaging can often accelerate and deepen the formation of this sense of identity ".
The most important thing is that materials are an important link in packaging design, which is directly related to the overall function and economic cost of product packaging, production and processing methods, recycling and treatment of packaging waste and so on.
As a direct derivative of products, product packaging often becomes garbage after consumers open the products or use them. Therefore, whether the product packaging is environmentally friendly is extremely important.
With the increasing awareness of society and consumers on environmental protection, the green environmental protection of product gift box packaging materials has become a common concern of enterprises, designers and consumers. The green environmental protection packaging that can be recycled and recycled has also become the trend of the development of China's packaging industry.