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When transparent ink is used, ink shadows in kraft carton packaging are more likely to appear, while opaque ink and samples are less likely to appear. In the process of printing, some measures can be taken to reduce the appearance of ghost images. So, how to solve the problem of black shadow in kraft paper packaging box?
1. With as many designs as possible, this painting does not cover this field.
2. Change the design. Reduce the density of large frames or fields, balance the density gap between the grid image and the field part on the page, and try to balance the amount of ink on the whole page to reduce the occurrence of shadows. For example, if you put two pictures on the right side of the printing paper, you can easily print them out. If you change the pattern, place the two pictures separately, one on the left and one on the left, so as to avoid ghosting.
3. During typesetting, the layout should be designed correctly. Reasonable layout ensures that the ink roller has enough time to avoid ghosts. For example, if a design wants to place a large image on the ground, if the printer is large enough, it can be placed on the white background of two images.
4. In order to transfer the excess ink to the ink roller, the color belt is placed on the cutting surface of the ink roller instead of the cutting line. These color strips are called moving strips.
5. Adjust the printer to increase the ink supply in the shaded part of the ink. In addition, some printing machines are also equipped with bevel wheels, which can effectively solve the shadow problem of ink, and different parts of the ink roller can be used for printing in different parts of a large area, so that the ink roller is not short of ink.
6. The layout is rotated 90 degrees. For example, in the field of large bold, if the ink roller is first placed on a large bold word, it will be printed one by one in this field.
The above is about how to solve the problem of black shadow of kraft paper food packaging box. I hope you can gain something and solve your problem.