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01 definition of paper lunch box
Paper lunch box is a container with paper as the base material and covered with paraffin, polyethylene coating and other containers for food packaging or holding hot and cold drinks and hot and cold food. Because it is made of paper material, it can not only be recycled, but also be treated by burial or combustion without causing serious environmental pollution. It has high environmental protection value.
02 classification of paper lunch boxes
Paper lunch boxes can be divided into cardboard lunch boxes, pulp molded paper lunch boxes and coated paper lunch boxes according to processing raw materials, among which coated paper lunch boxes are the most common; According to the capacity, it is divided into three categories: large, medium and small. Paper lunch boxes bring convenience to people's daily life and are deeply loved by people. The usage is increasing year by year, especially in fast food restaurants.
03 purchase of paper lunch box
First of all, it depends on its appearance. Generally, disposable paper lunch boxes should be sealed in plastic packaging bags. The packaging bags should not be damaged. Paper lunch boxes with loose packaging are easy to be polluted by the environment, and the hygiene situation can not be guaranteed. To choose a relatively strong paper lunch box, try to choose a box with thick and rigid wall. You can squeeze gently on both sides of the product by hand to roughly know its load-bearing performance. In addition, paper lunch box products with too white appearance color should not be selected, because fluorescent substances may exceed the standard.
Secondly, we should look at the logo. The name, address, product implementation standard, production date, etc. of the manufacturer should be indicated on the outer package of the product. Consumers should try to choose recent products, because the shorter the storage time, the lower the degree of product contamination. For products with incomplete marks, be careful not to buy "three noes" products.