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The present gift box style can generally be divided into the following types: simple and generous, small and lovely, and exquisite. The common packaging methods of exquisite gift boxes include unfolding packaging, hanging packaging and stacking packaging.
Unfolded packaging is a common one, and its style is simple and generous. It is generally used for the packaging of small gifts and scientific and technological electronic products. It is characterized by flat appearance, generally packaged in hard paper. All sides of the gift box are relatively smooth without redundant creases and decoration. After opening the package, the gift will be presented directly in front of you and can be taken out directly. This kind of packing method is usually used with the lining such as box because the outside is too brief.
Hanging packaging is also a common way of exquisite gift box packaging. The so-called hanging packaging, as the name suggests, is a packaging method that is convenient to hang up the gift box for display. The main body of this packaging method is generally a gift basket, which contains display gifts. Then spread a layer of transparent wrapping paper full of stars outside, which is particularly beautiful when hanging. However, when designing the structure of the gift box, we should consider its firmness and aesthetics.
Stacked packaging is introduced later. Stacked packaging is also widely used in exquisite gift boxes, which is common on the final assembly of small packaging. For example, the product you buy is a pile of candy or some small products. When you want to organize them into a bundle of items, you can use stacked packaging. This kind of package is generally attached with a handle and other portable structures.