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High grade packaging does not mean excessive packaging. In the era of competing for product features, many products rely on high-end packaging to publicize the value of products and enhance the core competitiveness of products. The appearance and texture directly brought by high-grade packaging invisibly improves the brand value of products, which is the primary role of high-grade packaging.
High grade packaging has certain characteristics in function and structure. High grade packaging must also have good toughness. Some businesses want to put heavier items in paper bags. At this time, they need to choose highly protective paper. Usually, these papers are also high-grade in paper.
In addition to strong protection, high-grade packaging is also very environmentally friendly. Some high-end packaging boxes adopt extremely thick kraft paper technology on the outside and white pulp hard frame on the inside. All shells are completely environmentally friendly and can be 100% degraded and recycled.
Like the high-grade packaging carton recommended above, it looks very ordinary and plain on the surface. In fact, this paper is made of food grade material. It is made of corn starch paper covered with cellulose acetate film, which is 100% degradable, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. However, the high cost of the material itself determines that this packaging is undoubtedly very high-grade in the packaging, so in addition to good toughness, It is also a kind of packaging that will not cause damage to the environment.
High grade packaging can finally meet the characteristics of collection value, which is a kind of recycling. This also explains the environmental protection of high-end packaging from the perspective of saving resources. The high-grade packaging must be exquisite and durable. The bag can be carried repeatedly, the box can store items repeatedly, and even have high recycling value.
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