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When I'm hungry, I don't want to move. I take out my cell phone and order a takeout. I can enjoy all the delicious food in the world by sitting at home... So the problem is, is it a problem if high-temperature food is directly packed into a fast food box? Is plastic snack box safe? To understand the plastic products "ID card"! The triangle sign on the bottom of plastic products is equivalent to the "ID card" of the product.
目前,市面上打包盒主要以1、5、6为主,一般来说,都是安全的。1 号、 6 号:耐热性相对较差,不能加热,不能装高温食物。矿泉水、果汁、碳酸饮料的塑料瓶就是用1号材质做的;现在很多奶茶的杯盖用的是6号;5 号:能耐 200 ℃ 左右的高温,可以用微波炉加热,反复加热也不会有问题。
At present, the main packing boxes on the market are 1, 5 and 6, which are generally safe. No.1, No.6: relatively poor heat resistance, can not be heated, can not hold high temperature food. The plastic bottles of mineral water, fruit juice and carbonated drinks are made of No.1 material; Now a lot of milk tea cup cover is No. 6; No.5: it can withstand the high temperature of about 200 ℃. It can be heated by microwave oven, and repeated heating will not be a problem.
At present, most of the plastic snack boxes used in the market are made of PP (polypropylene). This kind of material has relatively high safety and good thermal stability. The high heat resistance temperature can reach 130 ℃. But for high temperature resistant lunch boxes, too oily food should also be avoided as far as possible.
Because some components in plastic products are fat soluble, if the oil content in food is high, it is very conducive to their dissolution. Although it is not necessarily harmful, it is not a good thing. It should be avoided as far as possible.
So, for example, maocai, boiled fish, maoxuewang... These oily foods, on the premise of controlling appetite, should not be packed. PS. if you really want to pack, you might as well take your own big rice bowl and go to a nearby restaurant to pack and bring it back to eat. It's relatively healthy and environmentally friendly.
Can the snack box be heated in the microwave?
装食物安全,但不代表加热也安全。除了 5 号塑料聚丙烯(PP)可以进微波炉,其他塑料的耐热性就差多了,尽量不要直接加热,也不要装太热的食物。
It's safe to pack food, but it doesn't mean it's safe to heat. In addition to the No. 5 plastic polypropylene (PP) can be put into the microwave oven, the heat resistance of other plastics is much worse, try not to heat directly, and do not load too hot food.
Can plastic bottles hold seasoning?
Regular plastic products may dissolve less substances, which can be used to load oil, vinegar and soy sauce, but it is not recommended. There are some fat soluble small molecules in plastics. If they are used for daily loading of edible oil, some substances will penetrate into vegetable oil. Glass bottles are a better choice than plastic ones.
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